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May 2016 FYI Friday!

6 May 2016 Racheal General

Preparing your child for their first visit to the Dentist ...

1. Start by bringing them with you to your routine dental examination appointments, this will educate them on the smells, sights and sounds of the dental practice.

2. Book their examination appointment early in the day, when your child is well rested and open to new adventures.

3. Say you are coming to "visit" us, avoiding phrases such as "it won't hurt" and "it's not that bad".

4. Explain that we will have a look at their teeth and count them, to see how healthy they are.

We believe in the 'show-tell-do' approach when treating children, with no surprises and carrying out treatment and examinations which your child is ready for.

We want your child to have a fun and positive first visit to the dentist as this will set the pattern for their life long attitude towards dentistry.

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