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Guide to fees

All patients will receive a written treatment plan with the costs clearly outlined before any planned treatment is provided. Below are lists of our adult and children fee structures and information on our Maintenance Plans.

New Patient Appointments

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New Patient Exam (Adult) inc x-rays£93.00
New Patient Exam (Child)£47.00
New Patient Hygienist Appointment£150.00
Direct Access Hygienist Appointment£100.00
Endodontic Consultation£93.00
Aesthetic Consultation£93.00
Dental Implant Consultation£153.00
Oral Surgery Consultation£77.00

Maintenance plans

Hampton Place Dental has a selection of maintenance plans which help spread the cost of routine dental health examinations and hygiene visits throughout the year. It is a known fact that patients on schemes require less treatment in the long term due to a commitment to the dental practice and their oral health. This is achieved because a membership of a plan encourages more regular attendance which enables us to regularly monitor the health of the mouth and give advice on disease prevention tailored specifically to the individual.

As the majority of dental problems can be prevented, we strongly advise our patients to consider joining one of our plans. Our plans are Silver and Gold for adults and a Children and Young adult plan for under 18s. The Silver plan covers 2 examination and 2 hygienist appointments each year, whereas the Gold plan covers 2 examination and 4 hygienist appointments each year. An additional benefit of being a plan member is the 10% reduction off the majority of our normal dental treatment fees.

Please select below for more information on our maintenance plans

Adult Child & Young Adult

Registered Adult Patient Appointments

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Routine Dental Health Exam (Adult)£74.00Includes 2 per yearIncludes 2 per year
Routine Hygienist Appointment£75.00Includes 2 per yearIncludes 4 per year
Fillings (Adult)£73.00 - 297.00£65.70 - £267.30£65.70 - £267.30
Root Canal Treatment (anterior/premolar teeth)£573.00£515.70£515.70
Root Canal Treatment (Molar teeth)£714.00£642.60£642.60
Porcelain VeneersFrom £629.00From £566.10From £566.10
Cerec CrownFrom £597.00From £537.30From £537.30
CrownsFrom £680.00From £612.00From £612.00
BridgesFrom £1809.00From £1628.10From £1628.10
Dental ExtractionsFrom £153.00From £137.70From £137.70
Dental Implant TreatmentFrom £2760.00From £2484.00From £2484.00
Partial DenturesFrom £493.00From £443.70From £443.70
Full DenturesFrom £893.00From £803.70From £803.70
Full Upper & Lower DenturesFrom £1830.00From £1647.00From £1647.00
Oral Surgery TreatmentFrom £163.00From £146.70From £146.70
Dental SedationFrom £93.00From £93.00From £93.00
Dental Emergency TreatmentFrom £153.00From £137.70From £137.70
Dental Emergency Treatment (out of hours)From £233.00From £209.70From £209.70
Teeth Whitening ('Zoom' Take Home Kit)£319.00£287.10£287.10
Teeth Whitening ('Zoom' In Surgery System)£399.00£359.10£359.10

Registered Child Patient Appointments

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TreatmentStandardChildren's Plan
(5-9 years)
Young Adults Plan
(10-17 years)
Routine Dental Health Exam (Child 5-9 years)£19.00IncludedN/A
Routine Dental Health Exam (Child 10-18 years)£32.00N/AIncluded
Fillings (Child)£57.00 - £113.00£51.30 - £101.70£51.30 - £101.70

Our plans for under 18s covers 2 examination appointments each year and has many of the benefits of the adult plans.

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