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When teeth are missing it is sometimes necessary and desirable to replace them by attaching a crown to an adjacent tooth. This can be done by either linking a series of crowns together or by bonding it to an adjacent tooth with a metal wing, a so called 'resin bonded bridge'.


At Hampton Place Dental Practice we have invested in a CAD/CAM system that can make ceramic restorations from small fillings to crowns in a single session. Once a tooth has lost too much tooth structure to support a conventional tooth coloured filling, we can use this system to replace and protect the remaining minimal tooth structure. A 3-dimensional camera records the fine detail of the tooth and imports it into a computer program with over 60,000 images of teeth in its database. Then with the help of the dentist an ideal restoration is designed and fabricated in a special milling unit before being glazed in a furnace. All of this takes place over a single appointment which helps reduce time off work and the need for a temporary restoration.


These are often placed when the underlying tooth has been extensively damaged. The crown will help restore the tooth to a more stable and functional situation to enable the every day forces of chewing, speaking etc to be performed without damaging the tooth structure further. Crowns can be made of an all ceramic material, a metal substructure or even gold.


There is no reason why denture teeth cannot be as convincing to others as natural teeth. When making full dentures, we can usually recreate the positions, sizes and colours of your old natural teeth, or if prepared, we can make the teeth according to how you always wanted your teeth to appear.


These are placed to restore the tooth to a healthy and functional state when it has been damaged by decay or trauma. We are an amalgam (silver filling) free dental practice and place tooth coloured composite resins where appropriate.

Hygiene Therapy

Hygiene Therapy is the treatment and prevention of Gum Disease.

During a Hygiene Therapy appointment, our Dental Hygienist will provide an explanation of your oral health, a professional cleaning or 'scaling' of your teeth to remove tartar and show you the correct way to brush, floss and use inter-dental brushes to enable you to remove plaque and food debris from between your teeth and under the gum line efficiently.

We aim to treat and educate patients on the importance of prevention in a welcoming and relaxed environment.


Dental implants often provide the ideal way to replace missing teeth. They do not rely on the adjacent teeth for support and have exceptional long term success rates. They can replace single teeth to full missing arches. A titanium implant is placed into the jaw bone and left for a few months to fuse with the surrounding bone. This can then be loaded with a crown or bridge to help restore function and aesthetics. We often get referrals from other dentists in the Devon area to help provide this treatment to their patients. Dr. Price and Mr. Kerr work together to provide all implant treatment at Hampton Place.

Root Fillings

When a tooth dies due to extensive decay or trauma the nerve canal, which is in the centre of the root, becomes infected. This can lead to pain and discomfort and may eventually lead to an abscess. To prevent having the tooth extracted the entire root canal system needs to be cleaned thoroughly to remove the bacteria and filled with a rubber based root filling material to prevent re-colonisation. Dr. Zillwood receives referrals from other dentists in the Devon area to help perform this procedure on their patients.

Teeth Whitening

This extremely popular treatment when provided in the dental surgery is safe, predictable and can produce great results. Teeth Whitening is the process of removing stains and discolouration from teeth and improving their colour. There are many causes of tooth discolouration for example ageing of teeth, tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.

We offer an In-Office whitening system which with the use of the WhiteSpeed Lamp creates great results within an hour. Alternatively, there is a take home kit called NiteWhite. This kit allows you to brighten your teeth at your leisure, in the comfort of your home. This will involve the construction of custom fitted trays and you will be given six syringes of Whitening gel. You will be advised on how to use the Whitening gel before you take the kit home. The Whitening can be carried out overnight whilst you are sleeping. This procedure will brighten your teeth but will take between 2-3 weeks.

'Top-up' gels are available to purchase from us at the practice.

These procedures are available to our registered and to non-registered patients. So please call Rebecca or Racheal who will happily answer any questions and can organise a consultation appointment for you.


These have become much more popular in recent years to help provide a much more aesthetic smile with minimal damage to the underlying tooth structure. They also help improve the strength of the underlying tooth structure if it has been previously damaged. Single or multiple veneers can be placed on the majority of teeth and have an excellent long term success rate.

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